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Wild Edible Gardening

Saturday, 9 March 2024

259 Ohea Street, Pascoe Vale South VIC, Australia


2:00 pm

2.5 Hours



$35 - $65

Wild edible gardens, or food forests, are beautiful, diverse and abundant habitats that connect us to an ancient way of being, in harmony with nature’s rhythms. The role of the gardener is one of intuition, reflection and nurturing, with moments given to tending here and there. 


In this workshop you will learn nature-based gardening practices to turn your patch into a low-work food forest that gives year-round harvests.


You will learn:

  • The philosophy of wild edible gardening

  • Ecosystem dynamics in gardens and soil

  • Easy no-dig techniques to build healthy soil

  • Plants for food, medicine, soil health, bees and biodiversity

  • Practical gardening skills and tips to get started

We don't discriminate - please get in touch if these prices are prohibitive for you.

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