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“The real path to natural farming requires that a person know what unaltered nature is, so that he or she can instinctively understand what needs to be done – and what must not be done – to work in harmony with its processes.”

- Masanobu Fukuoka

When the earth was our garden, we revered nature

We knew each plants' gifts and myths

We foraged and farmed in harmony with natural habitats


We can again learn to grow and harvest this way

Connecting deeply with all life

Observing and not interfering


Learning to garden this way, by allowing, is a healing processes

As we nurture country, she nurtures us.

Food Forest Gardening


Forest gardens are peaceful, abundant habitats that connect us to an ancient way of being, in harmony with nature’s rhythms.


The role of the gardener is one of intuition, reflection and nurturing, with moments given to tending here and there.

All types of plants grow happily together, fruit trees, berries, herbs, flowers, vines, vegetables, natives and 'weeds'.

They are spaces to gather, connect, and reflect.

Who is the Barefoot Gardener?

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Leila Alexandra connected deeply with nature, especially food and medicine plants, since childhood. She is privileged to have grown up amongst the food forest her parents created. She’s a life-long experimental gardener and has developed a unique style of low-work, no-dig, forest gardening. She has transformed her urban rental into a food forest growing around 100 types of plants. Leila lives fa wholesome life of abundance, and is dedicated to inspiring and supporting others to create wild, edible gardens that connect us in profound ways to the earth, self and spirit. As an educator, Leila encourages learning with hands, heads and hearts, in creative and interactive ways, that support opportunities for deep connections with nature. Leila is also a mother, poet, community activator, writer and barefoot forager. She has a degree in environmental science, and has worked in sustainable food systems, on community food projects, as a farmer, and environmental educator. She co-foundered The Dirty Beanstalk, Farmer Incubator and Growing Farmers


Sowing seeds in the desert

Barefoot Food Gardens is a social enterprise. Our aim is to spread the practice of food forest gardening and natural farming. Using these practices, lands that have become barren can become fertile abundant wild lands, where all creatures can find a haven and humans can learn again to revere our sacred mother earth and all that springs forth from her.


I give my time and knowledge to promote this mission, such as opening my gardening the community for events,  providing free advice for community gardens, and sharing seed. I am currently learning more about growing native foods and medicines, and hope to share these practices soon.

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