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Vegetable Picking

Welcome to Barefoot Food Gardens

Join me on a joyful journey of abundance and connection to nature through the transformational experience of growing your own food.


 Gardening and growing food connects us in profound ways to the earth. As we learn to listen to the garden, to breath with it, we learn many things. As we connect, our spirit rises up, arising through the garden. Through my garden sharing practices, I hope to guide and inspire others on this journey.


Sophia, Bendigo

I’m so glad Leila came at the early stages of my garden establishment! She offered plant suggestions I wouldn’t have ever thought about, shared her gardening philosophy in an accessible way, and encouraged me to take a longer term planning perspective than I had been. Leila can help you take your garden ideas to the next level.

Mark and Lisa, Coburg

We bought a house filled with old fruit trees and had no idea where to start - but wanted to learn. Leila offered practical advice, easy to remember instructions for annual pruning and great tips on what tools to use. Our fruit trees are now awash with spring blooms and we look forward to a bountiful harvest.

Matt, Pascoe Vale Sth

 Leila provided a detailed plan to improve the soil as well as lots of amazing and practical tips on what to grow where, and how to get the most out of the established veg and fruit trees. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get the most out of their space while keeping the weeding to a minimum
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