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Welcome to Barefoot Food Gardens

Join me on a joyful journey of abundance and connection to nature through the transformational experience of growing your own food and medicine.


 Growing and harvesting food and medicine connects us in profound ways to the earth, ourselves and others.

As we learn to listen to the garden, to breath with it, we learn many things. As we connect, our spirit rises up, arising through the garden.

By sharing my practices, I offer inspiration and guidance to others on this journey.

I invite you to re-imagine the world as a garden, an edible wild landscape.

Let's co-create forest gardens as spaces for sharing, healing and connecting.

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Connect with community and learn hands on at a Community Lunch and Working Bee. Stroll through a food forest at an Awara Open Garden. Learn to create your own food forest by joining a workshop or course.

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Do you want to grow food but are not sure where to start? Do you need advice on a specific topic? I'll visit your garden, we'll discuss your ideas, ambitions and needs. One-off or on-going support is available.


Does you know a space that could be transformed into an edible forest? I work with individuals, councils, businesses and organisations to co-design and co-create forest gardens.

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