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Garden Co-Creation

Do you know a patch of land that could be a food forest garden?

Let's collaborate!

I work with individuals, organisations, councils and businesses

to co-design and co-create edible, wild landscapes.

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Phase 1
Getting to know you & your site

  • I'll get know you / your group and visa-versa

  • We'll discuss

    • your dreams and aspirations

    • the project scope, timeline and budget

    • the benefits of food forest gardening

  • We'll conduct an initial site assessment

Phase 2

We will establish a base set of knowledge, so that you or your group can make decisions in the co-design phase.

You will learn:

  • to understand soil and gardens as ecosystems

  • no-dig ways to regenerate soil

  • which plants to choose for your forest garden

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Phase 3

Collectively we'll collaborate on the project plan to create a

  • Site plan 

  • Plant list

  • Soil preparation plan

Phase 4
Co-impliamentation & celebration

Collectively we'll prepare the soil, sow seeds and plant seedlings, trees and shrubs

We'll enjoy a meal together to celebrate the new garden

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Phase 5
On-going support

I'll drop by every so often to see how the garden is growing and workshop any issues.

I can also provide follow up training, such as fruit tree pruning once trees have established.

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